Whether you use our wood, plastic or aluminum grilles, you will need an efficient system to route air to them. We manufacture a complete line of plastic ducting products to make your job easier. Our extensive range of manufactured and distributed air-supply products will provide the necessary "connections".

We were the first company to vacuum-form duct rings on a manual machine in the early 80ís. We now have two automatic formers running almost nonstop in our plastic department. We run two CNC routers with one dedicated to trimming and one dedicated to building molds.

We offer round and oval rings, blower adapter, transitions, plenums, elbows and our very popular AirDividers with all of them in multiple sizes. We are also one of the largest international distributors of special round plastic grilles and quality insulated duct.

We build custom air control products for our customers. Contact us if you do not see what you need in our catalog.

Marine Systems, Inc.

Air Control Since 1977
For great air control systems you need "connections"!