Wood Framed Grilles
Our wood grilles was our first and remains our most customizable product. With multiple models, sizes and wood species coupled with outstanding quality, they have no equal in the world.

Models - RA, RAR, V, VH, VML, WG, WGML

Sizes - Almost unlimited

Common Wood Species Sold - American White Ash, American Beech, Spanish Cedar, American Hickory, Brazilian Jatoba, African Cherry, American Soft Maple, American White Oak, American Poplar (Paint Wood) American Cherry, Honduran Mahogany, Asian Teak, American Black Walnut.

Many years ago we invested in our own wood molder and it allows us to use any non-endangered wood and maintain tolerances in the thousands. We invented specialized assembly tools that won't harm the wood like other companies. Great care was taken in the design of our moving parts. While they have been copied, they were not copied 100% and the differences are notable.

Our finishing shop stays very busy because they do such a great job. Along with our stain matching tools and methods we are able to produce a high quality finish. We can even match non-wood surfaces. Finishing in stages before assembly produces a quality finish that cannot be replicated in the field.

Marine Systems, Inc.

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Our wood grilles have no equal!