Aluminum Grilles
When we decided to build our own aluminum grilles we knew we had to create something special. It is not our intention to be a full-line manufacturer and we will fit our aluminum grilles to our base of customers. The industries that we support need high quality in their products but price is still important.

It is easy to create well-engineered extrusions with high aluminum content. The more you have the higher the cost. The difficulty in making aluminum look good is a little more challenging. We have engineered our extrusions with high aluminum content but added something different. Our extrusion will have baked-on paint applied at the mill. Our vanes for our wood and plastic grilles have always been finished this way and it is extremely durable.

We have two aluminum grille colors. We are using the same gloss white that we use on our plastic grilles and we have created a new flat black. The flat black is an especially attractive color and we expect the majority of our orders to be black. Both colors make a great base for optional painted colors.

Our initial models include an RA (return air), RAF (return air filtered) and a V (2-way supply grille) in several standard sizes. Other models have been engineered but will come later. Fast standard and optional special sizes will be available reducing your inventory. Along with our paint method this should set us apart from the other manufacturers. All grilles also include stainless steel mounting screws with painted heads for our marine customers. There are screw access holes in the sides of all of our models.

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Our new aluminum grilles were designed for you!